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Private or Group Class? We offer BOTH! 

We offer 1-on-1 private classes and group classes. All our language courses are focused on helping our learners to be better at communicating in the target language. In each session, your instructor will be using our online classroom environment to help you understand the contexts for communication, and to help you connect what you learn to apply to a useful context for practice.

You will have the chance to use all 4 skills (i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing) with practice of writing in our Community Forums as well as emails to your instructor. We promise you will have a lot of fun in your sessions and be even more motivated to want to practice using the language at any given chance.

All sessions can be recorded (audio only) with notes to be shared with each class member immediately after each session. This helps learners to remember better with class reports and notes to follow. 


Group Classes

All group classes will start as long as there are 4 registered learners max.  Each class will start the first and/or third week of each month. When signing up for group classes, you will see 3 timeslots for your selection. Pick the time that works best for you in your time zone, and then click “Buy Course”.  No make-up classes are available for group classes missed. Please do your best to attend each session. 

All sessions can be recorded (audio only) with notes to be shared with each class member immediately after each session. This has been proven to helps learners in their retention of class material covered, and is useful in each learner’s learning process.


Private Classes

Having an instructor all to yourself allows you to schedule directly with your instructor for class time. It also allows your instructor to work with you on materials and topics that are of utmost importance and interest to you. Private classes will not have any timeslots displayed. Once purchased, our Course Manager will contact you to discuss your scheduling needs and match you with an instructor that has a compatible schedule. All private classes have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Any sessions canceled with less than 24-hour notice to your instructor or the Course Manager will not be rescheduled.

Sessions not started within a month after signup will be forfeited.  Once started, all sessions purchased shall be completed within 3 months from the start date (i.e. first session).

Private classes can also be recorded (audio only) with learner’s consent. Your instructor will also send you a customized session report after each session. 


Interested in teaching?

We’re always looking for interesting language-related courses developed and taught by expert linguists. If you are interested in teaching a course for us, please send a copy of your CV to us at jobs@online-lingo.com  If you are interested in offering a course on Online Lingo, please contact us at info@online-lingo.com


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