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Beginner Spanish

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Beginner Spanish


About this course

This course is for all those who want to start studying Spanish language. The purpose of the Beginner Level is to enable students to use the language in a simple way both in their spoken and written form, in everyday situations on issues related to their immediate needs, interacting, understanding and producing short texts on specific topics of a general nature, with a basic repertoire of frequent linguistic resources and in standard language. Use the language as a means of communication, both in the classroom and in everyday situations, approach the relevant social aspects of everyday situations and use the most common forms of social relationships and treatment. Internalize the necessary linguistic resources in these situations, through functional and formal practice. Become familiar with the use of strategies that facilitate communication and facilitate learning. Look for opportunities to practice and consolidate the level of competence achieved, stimulating their motivation to make a real and meaningful use of the language.


Read about the experiences of members in the course, and the feedback they have provided.

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  • Alice Kim
    Amazing course!

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