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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the mission statement of Online Lingo?
We want to help facilitate better understanding among cultures and people from different language backgrounds. It is our hope to create a sense of community among users of the site and to contribute to greater communication and cultural cohesiveness. At the same time, we want to inspire people who speak more than one language to consider other ways of using their language skills.
2. Is this site only for English language learners?
Online Lingo is a platform for ALL language learners (English included), as well as instructors, and translators/interpreters. Our goal is to bring people who work with languages together with this platform in order to share the expertise each one has to offer.
3. What does it mean to become a member on Online Lingo?
At Online Lingo, we want to create a community of language enthusiasts who can share their ideas about language learning, teaching and culture. When members sign up, it helps us know who we have on the site and allows us to provide services that better meet your needs. It takes less than 3 minutes to sign up for membership. Members can post in all the forums in Community Voices. They can also see job postings related to teaching, translating, interpreting, etc.
4. Is it secure to make payments on the site?

Online Lingo is an encrypted site. Transactions on our site are secure. Members have options to pay using PayPal or AliPay.

For more information on PayPal: //www.paypal.com/bm/webapps/mpp/shop/faq

For more information on AliPay://intl.alipay.com/ihome/user/protect/memberProtect.htm

5. Is Online Lingo a US-based company?
Yes, the company is based in the US, although our team members are spread throughout various locations in the world.
6. Will your site be in languages other than English?
Definitely! For now, English will be the common language on the platform to bring people together. As we develop, we would be very interested to keep the same mission and goal of embracing language and culture while also catering to the various language users in our community.

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